Both Sides Now

Dr. Alice Lazzarini’s memoir chronicles her journey from sheltered childhood to successful career in a male-dominated field. Named one of the 20 top authors in Parkinson disease research from 1996 through 2006, she now finds herself diagnosed with the very disease for which she helped find a causative gene and experiences the race toward the development of a treatment with an additional sense of urgency. She takes her reader along as she transitions from Parkinson disease researcher to patient, using her skill as a counselor, as well as the humor and respect with which she naturally connects to people, to share her unique story.

She hopes to:
♥  Inspire interested young women to pursue a career in science,
♥  Convey the inside story behind the discovery of the first Parkinson disease-causing mutation,
♥  Reach the Parkinson’s community with a message of hope, and
♥  “Pay forward” monies that supported her research on Parkinson disease.

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