Both Sides Now

A Journey From Parkinson's Researcher to Parkinson's Patient

About Me

HeadshotI am Dr. Alice Lazzarini. I study the genetics of neurological diseases like Parkinson disease, Huntington disease and ataxia. I was on the team that found the first disease-causing gene mutation for Parkinson’s, PARK1.

Then, I realized I was developing Parkinson disease myself. I was suddenly on the other side of the white coat, with a new perspective, and experiencing quite a different urgency. You will soon be able to read this ironic story in my memoir [working title: Both Sides Now].

Meanwhile, I would  use this blog to share what I consider some of the important breakthroughs that have occurred as a result of our discovery. The graphic above  highlights the areas where associations with Parkinson disease have consistently been found: on Chromosomes #4 and #17. Both of these were first reported by my team at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Alice, so good to read your blog. Can’t wait to read your book, will it be on line or in hard copy? Hope you are doing ok. I think the name of your blog is very smart, just like you!
    Did I ever tell you my father & his brother had Parkinson’s ? It was a genetic form & my father was diagnosed early because his older brother got it first. They treated my father with some type of amino acid powder in addition to the typical meds. I think it kept him from developing the severe form his brother had. All the children were tested but we were all ok. It was a Dr.Platakis that treated him. I can’t remember the form, something with an o I think. His family were from Bari, Italy. I don’t know how close that is to the region you studied. Now you have to go find the gene that is causing my arthritis!! Of course if I could just stick to a diet long enough it would help, maybe find a gene for that.
    Kids are doing well, hope yours are too. Regards to all. Love, Conni

  2. Hi Alice,
    Wonderful that you are writing a book – and a blog. I look forward to being able to keep in contact.
    Suzy (Gibson)

  3. Hi Alice,
    Would love to play a game of monopoly with you some day – I have a feeling you will beat me hands down!
    Looking forward to the final copy of your book!
    Best Wishes and Congratulations,

  4. Sounds like a fascinating project. Best of luck!

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